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Liam Neeson Confesses He 'Fell in Love' While Shooting Latest Movie

Liam Neeson Confesses He 'Fell in Love' While Shooting Latest Movie

Just one problem, she was "taken."

Liam Neeson wasn't planning to find love on the set of his latest film Blacklight.

The actor, 69, revealed he'd fallen in love while promoting his film on the Australian morning show Sunrise.

"I loved Melbourne. I loved our Australian crew," Neeson said. "Every department was superb, but they were their people, do you know what I mean?"

He continued, "I made a couple of pals and fell in love once while I was there, but she was taken." While Neeson didn't share more on that, he added, "I look forward to going back, I really do."

Liam Neeson on new thriller ‘Blacklight’ and love for Australia

Neeson has led a private personal life. The actor was married to actress Natasha Richardson from 1994 to 2009, when she died after suffering a severe head injury in a skiing accident in Canada. The couple shares two sons, Micheál, 26, and Daniel, 25.

Neeson previously dated Helen Mirren in the 1980s after the two met on the set of the film Excalibur.

In 2018, the pair reunited on The Graham Norton Show, where they opened up about their past romance.

"We didn't date. We lived together for four years – we were a serious item for a while," said Mirren. "Lucky me!"

Neeson admitted during the interview that it was love at first sight when it came to meeting Mirren, now 76.

"I remember being on the set and standing with Ciarán Hinds as Helen walked towards us dressed in her full Morgana Le Fey costume, and we both went, 'Oh f—," he said. "I was smitten. I think Ciarán was too, but I was very smitten!"

Comedian Amy Schumer commented on social media that Neeson's crush story could serve as the premise for another movie. The actress shared a screenshot of a Daily Mail headline and referenced the actor's action franchise, "Taken 4?"

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