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Lennie James Talks Morgan's Journey On 'FTWD' & Premiere Of 'Save Me Too'

He's currently starring in two very popular shows...

As an actor, writer, and director- Lennie James is a Hollywood triple threat. We caught up with him to talk about his time fighting zombies, plus his original show Save Me Too!

James notably appeared on TV screens in the season premiere of The Walking Dead, almost eleven years ago. His character Morgan was a cameo in the pilot episode but returned to become a season regular in a big plot twist during season four. James then went on to star in the spin off series Fear the Walking Dead which follows Morgan through the apocalypse as it happened.

FWTD Is Back! 📺

James reflected on his years of killing zombies and told us why the shows are so successful:

"It's a testament to the world that Robert Kirkman created right back when he was writing the comic books... that it has sustained The Walking Dead ten (nearly eleven) years."

You can watch Fear the Walking Dead Sunday nights on AMC.

Lennie James Debuts 'Save Me Too' 💡

Stepping up into bigger roles, Lennie James is the writer, director and star of the TV series Save Me Too.

The story follows a father who sets out to find his estranged daughter while others accuse him for causing her disappearance. The British television drama Save Me aired six episodes in 2018 and is now returning with six more episodes in Save Me Too.

"It's a project that is obviously very dear to my heart because I wrote it and I created it, and I'm in it."

James's character Nelly is right up his ally,

"I enjoy him because he's in the realms of characters that I enjoy playing. He's a man with a very complicated life. Those are the guys I like to play."

You can stream Save Me Too now on Peacock!

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Quintin Walker

QuintinWalker is a senior journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Phoenix, AZ.

QuintinWalker is a senior journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Phoenix, AZ.