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Latino Street Vendor Harassed by White Customers in Viral Video

​San Diego women harass street vendor in viral video

Earlier this week, Andrés Argüelles Álvarez was berated by four women at his stand near Viejas Arena in San Diego State University.

A popular hotdog vendor in San Diego is speaking out after a viral TikTok documented a group of young women harassing him.

Earlier this week, Andrés Argüelles Álvarez was berated by four women at his stand near Viejas Arena in San Diego State University. The group was upset by the prices initially, and when asked to leave by Argüelles Álvarez, they grabbed the food he was grilling and began throwing it at him.

“They grabbed my bacon with their hand, all my vegetables, everything I use,” Argüelles Álvarez told Noticias Telemundo in Spanish. “People realized all the dirty things they were doing and it disgusted them. They no longer wanted to buy more.”


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The video was captured by a student at California State University, Riley Kaufman, who said she didn't know the identity of the girls in the group, but that she preferred to call attention to the incident rather than get involved.

"I much rather show how these girls go out in public and act than get myself involved," Kaufman told NBC News.

She added that Argüelles Álvarez "did nothing to provoke this. It was just the girls coming into it angry and drunk and ready to start something." Kaufman also said that he sells in the same spot every day, and "the sweetest man."

Additional footage was posted by fellow street vendor Edin Alex Enamorado, where the women can be heard saying "we don't care" and "they're illegals."

Though the identities of the women in the video remain unknown, it has been speculated by the video's millions of viewers that they may attend San Diego State. The university issued a statement calling their actions "disrespectful and antithetical," and assured that they are "currently reviewing all available information."

"If applicable, we plan to pursue any violations of our student code of conduct,” they said.

There are over 10,000 street vendors in Los Angeles, most of whom are Latino. Per NBC, robberies targeting street vendors have doubled in the past year.

While the state has pushed to decriminalize street vending, but Enamorado said the proposals are "a Band-Aid to gunshot wound," and that "it's still an uphill battle."

For Argüelles Álvarez, speaking up about his mistreatment meant shining a light on the prejudices facing street vendors, and the racism Spanish-speaking residents are confronted with constantly.

"They realized that I was Mexican, that I didn't speak English very well, and they thought, 'Ah, we can attack him,'" Argüelles Álvarez said, adding, "Like me, I know that there are thousands of people who live this every day."

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