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Virtual Reality Returns to Vegas

Virtual Reality Returns to Vegas

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Get your goggles on, VR is back to Vegas!

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to loosen its grasp, more and more parts of our culture get to slowly come creeping back. Among these parts of our culture is virtual reality, a common amusement that first surfaced back in the 1990s but really gained popularity within the last decade. For VR fans, we have great news. The goggles are making their return with an amusement ride in Las Vegas.

Virtual Reality Adventures of Las Vegas is making a comeback after a year, and fans are excited. The high-tech goggles take riders to a virtual world of their choice - such as a Jungle on a river raft or through a haunted elevator.

VR Adventures of Las Vegas calls themselves "cutting edge and never-before-seen immersive experience that plunges guests into a three-dimensional virtual world. Guests will put on goggles that the big players in the industry spent billions of dollars on and be transported to a virtual reality. VR Adventures has 4D simulators and allows gamers to walk, climb, explore, and fly through virtual worlds. Life in our reality is a ``game changer``. Honestly...the experience redefines magical!"

VR Adventures

The LINQ Safety Measures

The attraction is open 6 days a week at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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