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Lake Bell and Sarah Cooper Lead the All-Female Cast of New Film Summering

Lake Bell and Sarah Cooper Lead the All-Female Cast of New Film Summering
New Movie ‘Summering’ Is The Female ‘Stand By Me’ | Celebrity Page

The movie comes from 'The Spectacular Now' Director James Ponsoldt

What the 1986 movie Stand By Me meant to a generation of young boys, the new film Summering could mean for young girls today. The new coming of age drama/thriller looks at a similar adventure, but from a female perspective.

In Theaters Now

The story centers around four young girls about to start middle school, who are trying to soak up every last minute of their summer break.

While out playing in the woods one day, they discover a dead body. As Sarah Cooper told us:

"You don't get to see little girls have adventures. And I thought it was a cool story and a cool way to say; 'hey remember when we used to just go play in the street, like remember that, wasn't that fun?' And so that's why I just loved it."

Sarah became best known for her viral videos, lip-synching to Donald Trump speeches during the pandemic. Now she has a thriving acting career. In Summering, she's one of the moms, as is actress/director Lake Bell, who told us what appealed to her about this story:

"As a mom and a filmmaker I don't really have any cool, independent cinema artifacts that I feel really comfortable with. And so seeing little girls, you know I have a daughter and a son, and I feel like this movie applies to the mystery and intrigue of growing up. And it's ok to feel scared and it's ok to have anxiety."

Summering is in theaters now.

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