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ICYMI: KUWTK Episode Recap

Quarantine is getting to the best of the family in this week's episode.

In this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the family balances life in quarantine, Khloe and Kanye West having COVID-19, as well as Kylie and Kendall's month-long silence to each other after their fight in Palm Springs.

Khloe loses mind while quarantined:

Earlier back this year, Khloe Kardashian contracted COVID-19 - and in this episode, we see her struggle being cooped up in her room. In the episode she said:

"I have been in my room for about 14 days. I'm definitely improving and getting healthier, thank God, cause that was the worst sickness I've had. I had days where you're just shaking for no reason. It's really a struggle to breathe and just coughing uncontrollably."

During her time in her room, she constantly cleaned and attempted to keep herself busy with random tasks. She even made herself her own friend 'Quarantina,' who just happens to be a neck pillow with glasses on.

Kim goes crazy in the house with her kids:

Quarantine was hard for everyone, especially for those with kids who normally go to school in the day. In this episode, Kim Kardashian discusses how hard it has been for her to have peace at home when the kids are constantly needing to be entertained - especially when Kanye is quarantine for COVID-19.

"My kids are driving me so up the wall, I literally don't know what to do, and it's getting really stressful. The kids all want so much more of my attention like 24/7."

Throughout the episode, we see Kim trying to do work while the kids go crazy behind her. We even see Kim having to run off to save Chicago who ran outside to the pool while she was in a zoom call as a guest in a class.

Once Kanye finally tested negative, he took the kids to a trip to Wyoming and Kim stayed at home to have some alone time.

The family tries to get Kylie and Kendall to talk to each other again:

Kylie and Kendall Jenner had a huge fight in Palm Springs earlier this year over an outfit debacle that turned into some physical fighting the next day. In the episode, Kendall mentioned that the two had not spoken for over a month. The two both felt that the other person hit them first, and each of them were waiting for the other sister to reach out. However, Khloe told Kendall:

"You guys both need to know that life is short. We need to take our ego and pride out of this and just say, 'Kylie, I'm sorry for my part in the disagreement,' and then she should say, 'I'm sorry for my part.' And then guess what? We can move on."

However, at the end of the episode, we do see the two reconcile over the phone. Kylie said:

"I am very happy that Kendall and I could put this silly fight behind us. It got way out of hand, and I love my sister. There's never no need to not talk for that long."

And Kendall said:

"Sisters are sisters. We can fight all we want and say crazy things to each other, but at the end of the day, we're family and we love each other so much. She's my partner in crime, always has been my entire life, and that will never change."

Be sure to watch KUWTK next Thursday for a new episode on E!

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