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Kung Fu is back for a second season and bringing more action than before.

The CW's hit show brought in the highest ratings over the past two years for the network, with the second season promising to be more dominant than the first.

Shannon Dang stars as Althea Shen, Nicky Shen's tech savvy sister, who helps her fight crime and protect their San Francisco community.

"I feel like we took everything that fans love in season one, brought it into season two, but like elevated and better. It just gets better," Dang said.

Along with a powerful cast of strong women, the show also brings much needed diversity and representation to television.

"The fact that it was the first predominately Asian cast for a drama series on broadcast television... that was huge and we love to hear that so many people in the AAPI community are watching it with their friends and their families, like multigenerational."

Speaking of multigenerational, Dang is carrying on a family tradition of her own as her grandfather starred in the original 1972 Kung Fu series.

"For him to come back, see it and what it does for the community and the representation, they're just over the moon and we're all just so proud to be part of it."

Catch new episodes of Kung Fu Wednesday nights on The CW.

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