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LeBron's Tribute To Nipsey Hussle and Koke Bryant

LeBron James

LeBron's poster tribute to Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant.

Lakers star LeBron James honors legends Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant with artistic tribute on Instagram.

The world still needs to recover from the loss of rapper Hussle and NBA player Bryant, both dead a year from each other. The two have inspired entire generations and James never denied the love and affection that he always felt for both of them.

LeBron James's Post

In an Instagram post, James tributes his friends with a piece of art, where we can see the rapper and the NBA player looking at each other with a leaf crown on their heads.

James placed the tribute in the hallways of his home so that, as his caption reads, he'll always have them with him "every single day."

Lindsay Dawn is the artist behind this touching poster, who has her own studio in Los Angeles. This is not the first creation for the NBA player. Three weeks ago, Dawn had shared a Kobe Bryant's art named "Mamba Mentality" on Instagram, where an inspiring quote stands on the right side of Bryant's face.

Some wounds require time to heal and some never fully recover. But honoring and remembering the ones that we've lost is the most noble thing we can do.

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