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Kim Kardashian and Van Jones Dating Rumors Are Swirling

Kim Kardashian and Van Jones Dating Rumors Are Swirling

Kima Kardashian

The rumor mill is still spinning as Kim Kardashian has given fans another reason to believe that it is true.

A-lister and soon-to-be-lawyer Kim Kardashian has more rumors striking about the fact that she is in a relationship with Van Jones.

After Kardashians divorce from Kanye West, fans have been zeroing in on what seems to be a new love or lust. Since her law degree has been at the top of her list, the fans seem to circle back to the romance of CNN's Van Jones.

The rumors started back in January when the divorce took place. Fans noticed that Kardashian and Jones had been guest speakers together back in 2018 for the Rolling Stone's Criminal Justice Reform Summit as well as Jones talking about her prison reform work on his show.

The two have also been working together for four years as she is in a law apprenticeship with his Oakland-based nonpartisan organization.

Jones has also recently gotten out of a committed marriage of 14 years in 2019.

Fans believe it is a match made in heaven, but there has not been any confirmation hat this is true or false. That does not mean that people wont spread it though, as social media comments are getting filled with questions and statements on the twos potential relationship.

Some fans comments believe they are dating while others think she is using him for his law background to advance in her law career.

This isn't the only man rumored to be dating Kim Kardashian. The KKW Beauty owner is reportedly being pursued by royals, billionaires and A-list suitors.

This all comes after Kanye had expressed his feelings of wanting to date someone who is an "artist and creative person" next.

The divorce between the two is allegedly going well as the are said to be "getting along" during the week as she is happier by the week.

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