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Kevin and Frankie Jonas Promise to Keep Us on Our Toes in New Game Show 'Claim to Fame'

Kevin and Frankie Jonas Promise to Keep Us on Our Toes in New Game Show 'Claim to Fame'

ABC is finally giving audiences a look at their newest game show "Claim to Fame."

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, "Claim to Fame" will give twelve celebrity relatives the chance to win $100,000, so long as they keep concealed which celebrity they're related to.

As the "forgotten" Jonas brother, Frankie is known for being left out of the popular boy band "Jonas Brothers," consisting of Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas. As he was much younger than his brothers, Frankie missed the trio’s journey to success; going on tours, getting their own Disney television show, and starring in Disney original movies as a national sensation. According to People, when ABC first came to Frankie offering the role of host, his initial response was,

"Are you sure I'm not supposed to be a contestant?"

Despite amassing two million followers on TikTok and acting in notable projects as such Studio Ghibli's "Ponyo," Frankie has mostly remained in shadow of his brothers. ABC knew his upbringings would make him the perfect host for the show. Frankie inevitably saw their vision, sharing,

"I think I was able to really bridge this gap between Kevin and the contestants. They felt comfortable with me as a friend, where Kevin was more the host," Frankie shared with PEOPLE. "For the contestants, I think it was really nice for them to have a voice on both sides."

While filming with his brother, Kevin also thought his perspective helped the contestants’ dynamic, saying he was able to “really speak” to them “from his heart.”

Some contestants have been revealed on the show’s Instagram, and fans have already been trying to guess who their famous relatives are. Additionally, the trailer for the show teases that it will feature relatives of Zendaya, Simone Biles, Whoopi Goldberg, Chuck Norris, and more.

To keep the series interesting, the contestant's secret identities were even kept from Frankie and Kevin, as Frankie elaborated,

So much of it is about identity. So much of it is about this beautiful game that incorporates lies and deceit and amazing challenges. Kevin and I, the whole time we were filming, were shocked every single episode and so enthralled by everything that was happening. I think throughout this series there was only one time I said, 'I knew it!'"

"Claim to Fame" premieres July 11 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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