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Shannen Doherty Raises Breast Cancer Awareness In New Lifetime Film

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today's #SeeHer spotlight is on a Lifetime original film that tells the story of a woman named Brenda, played by Kelly Hu, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In List of A Lifetime, Brenda fears that she may have passed on the BRCA gene to her daughter Talia, played by Grey's Anatomy breakout star Sylvia Kwan.

Brenda embarks on a journey to find Talia who she gave up for adoption. Together, they work together to make sense of this new reality.

"It's such a beautiful beautiful film and shooting it was just amazing," Hu said.

Hu has starred in countless dramatic films as well as some soap operas and she has even done her fair share of voice acting. She is perhaps best known for her role as Lady Deathstrike in the second installment of the X-Men series, X2. She was even crowned Miss Hawaii USA in 1993.

Now, Hu is taking on one of her most emotional roles to date. Hu's co-star Shannen Doherty plays Talia's adoptive mother, Diana. Doherty is a real life breast cancer survivor, so the story was personal to her as well as others on set.

"Shannen is so full of energy and vibrant and I mean just fills a room. She is absolutely incredible and such an inspiration," Hu said.

The film is female-driven with most of the cast and crew being female. In fact, Doherty is pulling double duty as one of the stars of the film as well as one of the directors.

"It was directed and written by women, produced by women. There were so many women on set. There was just this beautiful sisterhood. It was absolutely amazing."

Breast cancer hit home not only for Doherty, who had been directly affected, but for others on set as well, including Hu.

"It's so common. I mean, I've had it in my family: my mother, my grandmother, my aunt. I feel like there's almost no one who hasn't been touched by breast cancer at some point in their life."

That being said, Lifetime, as well as everyone on set, felt it would be necessary to use the film as a way of spreading the word about breast cancer awareness. The stars even came together to produce a short PSA. In the PSA the stars urge the audience to stay up to date with their check ups as they each repeat the phrase "get your mammogram today."

"It is absolutely important to get the message out there for women to get their mammograms, to do their exams, and really make sure they check on themselves and each other."

List of A Lifetime airs on Lifetime Sunday October 10th at 8:00pm ET. Click here for more about #SeeHer.

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