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Andrew Horton Plays A Modern Superhero On 'Jupiter's Legacy'

Andrew Horton Plays A Modern Superhero On 'Jupiter's Legacy'

We all love seeing superheroes on the big screen, but here's a few you can only catch on Netflix. Their new show Jupiter's Legacy stars Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb and takes a unique spin on the superhero complex.

Jupiter's Legacy is based on the popular 2013 comic by Mark Millar.

The show surrounds a family of superbeings with an aging set of parents, trying to pass the proverbial torch onto their kids. With an A-list cast of parents, Andrew Horton chatted all about his time on set working with Duhamel and Bibb.

"They were absolutely amazing. This is my first big part, so for people who are heading up the cast to be so warm, and so generous with what they were giving me on the screen, it was amazing," Horton said.

The hype surrounding this show is sure to propel it into the top ten charts, turning the superhero genre into a family drama.

"We're a pretty unique family in that, basically it's the royal family of superheroes. I think that's what makes it stand out from other superhero shows, is like this focus on these family relationships, almost more than the action side of things."

As for a potential spin off? There are five issues of Jupiter's Legacy currently out, so there's always room for more.

"It's such a cool thing to be a part of. The superhero genre is absolutely enormous, and the fandom is absolutely enormous, so to be kind of in that spotlight for as long as possible would be amazing."

You can catch Andrew and the rest of the Jupiter's Legacy crew now on Netflix!

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