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'Full House' Star Jodie Sweetin Opens Up About How Bob Saget Impacted Her Parenting Style

America's Favorite TV Dad, the late Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner on "Full House" was not only a father figure on the show, but in real life, too.

While the comedian passed away in early January of this year, his legacy continues to live on everywhere you look.

Jodie Sweetin, who played Bob Saget's TV daughter, Stephanie Tanner, on the show, recently talked about how the late actor influenced her own parenting style when she had kids.

The actress opened up about her relationship and memories with Saget on the April 18 episode of the podcast, "Conversations with Olivia Jade," hosted by Olivia Giannulli, whose mother Lori Loughlin also worked with Saget on "Full House."

"When I think back on it, I remember Bob just being really inclusive of his kids. He didn't talk to them like they were idiots—and he did the same with me," said Sweetin. "He treated me with respect as a young person."

From that experience Sweetin said,

"I understood that, when I had kids, you can joke with them and have real conversations."

Sweetin, who is now a mom to two daughters, Zoie, 14, and Beatrix, 11, explained that growing up on the set of "Full House," which she referred to as a "family unit" affected the way she viewed adulthood as she got older.

Working alongside not only Saget, but other co-stars and father figures, John Stamos and Dave Coulier, encouraged her to "[bring] a level of humor to my parenting that my kids are also inheriting."

"I learned a lot from them," added Sweetin. "And I continue to."

Reflecting on her days filming "Full House," Sweetin told Giannulli that she is "so incredibly grateful" to have gotten the opportunity to work with people like Saget and her other co-stars.

"There was some sort of magical thing that happened with 'Full House,'" she shared. "It was more than just a show. It really was a family amongst all of us."

And to this day the special bond of the cast lives on.

"I gained this huge family that love me no matter what," said Sweetin.

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