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A Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Engagement Could Be On The Way Soon

It's a big week in Hollywood, so we're checking in with US Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi for the latest celebrity headlines.

The Latest on Bennifer

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked many when they were first seen together for the first time since their very public relationship and split. Now that the two A-listers are back and better than ever, it's no surprise that the two could have long terms plans for their love. With the territory of marriage comes many things, including financial decisions.

When we spoke to Garibaldi about the hot couple, she tells us that a prerup will be arranged if/when the two get married. According to a source close to the two, "it's a no brainer that she (Lopez) wants to protect her finances and investments."

​The source goes on to say that Lopez is worth more more than Affleck, but there's minimal to no doubt that the stars will be engaged "in the near future."

Britney's Wedding Plans

Amid her highly publicized conservatorship battle, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari recently became engaged! Amid the public outcry for her conservatorship to end, the star is making plans for a future with Asghari that includes expanding her family.

While planning her wedding, according to an insider, Britney is "very opening about wanting to expand her family and is making it her mission to be pregnant by the time she turns 40 in December."

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