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Looking Ahead To Season Five Of Yellowstone

Looking Ahead To Season Five Of Yellowstone

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Co-star Jen Landon, aka Teeter, shares her hopes for what's next for her character.

It's been a big year for actress Jen Landon. She was not only nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award along with the rest of the cast of Yellowstone, she was also just upgraded to a 'series regular' on the smash hit drama.

Jen is no stranger to the ups and downs of the tv industry. After all she is the daughter of the late tv legend, Michael Landon.

But, her tv western is a far cry from her dad's classic shows: Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. She plays the marble-mouthed, tough as nails ranch hand, Teeter, on cable tv's #1 drama: Yellowstone.

I recently chatted with Jen about her hopes for Teeter in the upcoming 5th season of the show:

"I love any opportunity to explore different parts of her. I want to get into another fight for sure"

Something tells me the latter is sure to happen.

Fans love Teeter's unique way of speaking. And believe it or not, those hard to understand words and phrases are actually all written specifically by series creator Taylor Sheridan.

"and I was like, that's not English, and then as I was sounding it out and realizing what she was saying I was like 'oh yes'! Yeah he writes it phonetically. Which is the coolest thing any writer could do for an actor."

Season 4 now available on DVD and Blu-ray, with all-new special features! 

As fans wait anxiously for season 5, if you don't have Paramount Network on cable, you can now catch up on Season 4. It is now streaming on Peacock and available to purchase on Blu-Ray or DVD with special bonus features.

As Jen told us:

"that first episode of season 4 is like a runaway train that just gets faster and faster and faster throughout that entire episode"

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