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Jane Seymour Tackles Thrilling New Leading Role In 'Harry Wild'

Jane Seymour Tackles Thrilling New Leading Role In 'Harry Wild' | Celebrity Page

Legendary actress Jane Seymour is reinventing herself in her new acting gig.

Emmy-winner Jane Seymour is known for switching up her characters.

Now, she's putting on her detective hat in the thrilling new series Harry Wild.

"I have never seen this woman in a film or a television. I have never seen this character and I've seen mostly everything that's out there. How wonderful would it be to play Harry in my early 70s?"

Jane's character is closely relatable to herself, with her golden years showing the industry that age is just a number.

"Actresses are usually thrown aside when you turn 40, if not before. At 40, I got Dr. Quinn, so I was the anomaly there. Then, you have to kind of reinvent yourself, so I did. I did 'Wedding Crashers,' no one believed I was going to do that. Like Harry, I'm not afraid to start something new," Seymour said.

Jane is even making appearances on the CBS comedy, B Positive.

"I came in for two or three scripts and I ended up doing the entire series. We'll see if it comes back! It hasn't been picked up yet but we're all kind of crossing our fingers.

Harry Wild premieres April 4th on Acorn TV.

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