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Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin Share Relationship Tips In New Book 'The Good Fight'

The famous couple is opening up on their marriage like never before.

The Couple Releases 'The Good Fight'

Jana Kramer has hit a lot of highs in her career!

The star is known for her role as Alex Dupre in One Tree Hill, releasing two country albums and coming in fourth place on the 23rd season of Dancing With The Stars.

Kramer has also experienced some incredible highs in her personal life. She's happily married to ex-NFL star Mike Caussin and they have two beautiful children, Jolie and Jace.

However, the couple has had rough patches along the way, including Caussin's admission of infidelity and enrolling in rehab for sex addiction.

Despite the challenges, Kramer and Caussin worked on their marriage and have a bond stronger than ever.

The duo is now releasing their new book, The Good Fight, to offer advice for couples experiencing turmoil or rocky points in their own relationships.

"When everything happened with his affairs coming out, I was reading so many books and nothing truly helped me," Kramer said."We wrote it with both of our perspectives, because I wanted to hear the husband's perspective, but I also wanted to hear the wife's perspective because I wanted to relate to someone, but I wanted to understand him."

Caussin hopes to shed light on the male's perspective in the new book as well.

"I'm not just trying to talk to the men, but I'm also trying to help the wives, the girlfriends, or the women that are able to hear a male's perspective. It's a way for men and women to hopefully understand each other in their relationship or in their marriage," Caussin said.

In the book, Kramer and Caussin offer couples a chance to work towards healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.

"I wanted, me, four years ago to be able to read this book and I'm hoping that it will help someone the way that I would hope it would help me," Kramer said.
"All it takes is one couple to have a positive experience with it. Take lemons and make lemonade and do something with this, other than just living in our shame or living in my shame," Caussin said.

The Good Fight is available now!

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