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The L Word: Generation Q's Jacqueline Toboni on Addiction in LGBTQ+ Community

​Jacqueline Toboni in'The L Word: Generation Q'
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Toboni tells The Advocate Channel why it was important for the series to tackle her character Finley's alcohol abuse.

Jacqueline Toboni believes there needs to be more conversations on addiction within the LGBTQ+ community.

Toboni plays Finley in The L Word: Generation Q, which is currently in its third season on Showtime. The series features the original cast of The L Word, while adding new characters to follow on their journeys through life and love.

Jacqueline Toboni From The L Word: Generation Q | Advocate Today 

Finley's ongoing character arc has followed her struggles with alcohol abuse, and how it affects her loved ones. Toboni believes that it was important for the show to tackle, as many queer people are vulnerable to addiction.

"I think being able to explore this is really important because I think addiction is something that plagues a lot of communities, but especially the queer community," Toboni tells Tracy E. Gilchrist of Advocate Today. "I think we deal with a lot more or you have like inherited trauma. A lot of us do from, you know, just coming out and things that happen. But with that comes self-discovery."

The show also highlights a concept familiar to many in the LGBTQ+ community: found family. The portrayal of queer friend groups coming together was significant to Toboni and helped her relate to her character.

"Sometimes you have things as an actor that parallel your character, and that's definitely one of them for me." She says. "This season really explores the idea of chosen family, and what that means as a queer person and how that is sort of somehow the medicine for shame or the symptoms of shame."

Throughout three seasons of filming, Toboni says the cast and crew have become a found family of sorts to her.

She explains: "I definitely felt that as myself on set, coming back with all of these people and you're surrounded by all of these queer people of all different ages and different walks of life on the crew and the cast. And so to be able to have that, I'm just so and incredibly thankful."

Episodes of The L Word: Generation Q air on Showtime every Sunday. For more interviews like these, watch Advocate Today on The Advocate Channel.

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