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Jack Black Is The New Champion of the 'WAP' Challenge

What can't he do?

Jack Black never fails to make us laugh. Since COVID-19 has affected so many of our lives, including slowing down the movie industry, many celebrities have taken to the popular TikTok app to spread some light and humor to their fans. Jack Black has familiarized himself with app enough to give us one of the funniest and most interesting TikToks anyone has seen to date.

Jack Black has taken the WAP challenge to a whole new level, as he uses a hose to metaphorically relate to Cardi B's hit single. The WAP challenge began on TikTok after fans went crazy for the Cardi B song, with several celebrities taking on the dance - and Jack Black does it hilariously in a speedo.

Hello, Jack Black Here.

Along with TikTok, Jack Black also releases his humor on his Youtube channel. He's been creating content for the platform for a year now, as this is his introductory video to the channel.

So, while 2020 has been a lot of staying home for society, at least we have celebrities like Jack Black to give us some laughs.

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