Celeb Headlines: J. Lo Spotted With Ben Affleck & Prince Harry's Passionate Speech

US Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi is back with us to talk about news on Jennifer Lopez & Prince Harry !

Jennifer Lopez Spotted With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have ended their engagement. Now, Lopez has been seen out with her other ex-fiancé Ben Affleck . Garibaldi shared:

"A source tells us that the two have always remained friends since their split and they have seen each other multiple times and met at secret locations."

Then continued:

"A source does tell US Weekly that people close to her wouldn't be surprised if they ended up getting back together."

Prince Harry's Speech

Prince Harry recently encouraged everyone to get vaccinated during a passionate speech at Global Citizen: VAX LIVE, the concert to reunite the world. This is the first time Prince Harry has stepped out in America since he attended his grandfather Prince Phillip 's funeral in the U.K. last month. Garibaldi said:

"Prince Harry was certainly rubbing elbows with some big celebrities at the event, including Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, Ben Affleck, Eddie Vedder, and of course the host, Selena Gomez."

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