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Is Idris Elba the Next 007?

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According to 007 producers, there’s a possibility Idris Elba could play the next James Bond!

“No Time to Die” was the final stint for Daniel Craig as James Bond, which Initially started with 2006's Casino Royale and ended in 2021. Now, with the role available for the first time in 15 years, speculations are growing rapidly as to who could be the next James Bond.

Fans have been asking and speculating that Idris Elba will play 007, and according to a new interview, it seems even more likely it could actually become reality.

In a recent interview, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said that Elba has been discussed as a potential candidate for Craig's replacement. On Deadline's Crew Call podcast, Broccoli said,

“We know Idris, I’m friends with him. He’s a magnificent actor. Elba has been part of the conversation, but it’s always difficult to have a conversation when you have somebody in the seat.

In past interviews, Elba has said that he would assume the role of James Bond if it was extended to him. He told Vanity Fair in 2019,

“James Bond is a hugely coveted, iconic, beloved character, that takes audiences on this massive escapism journey, Of course, if someone said to me, ‘Do you want to play James Bond?,’ I’d be like, ‘Yeah!’ That’s fascinating to me. But it’s not something I’ve expressed, like, ‘Yeah, I wanna be the Black James Bond.’”

If given the part, Elba would make history as the first Black actor to lead a 007 film.

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