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How the Bling Empire Cast Is Changing the Landscape for Asian Communities in Reality TV

How the Bling Empire Cast Is Changing the Landscape for Asian Communities in Reality TV

The cast of Bling Empire opens up about the most "gratifying part" of their Netflix show.

Netflix series Bling Empire has made waves across reality television for bringing Asian representation to the genre. The Advocate Channel correspondent Rachel Smith recently sat down with the cast to discuss their ongoing third season, and how the opportunity has changed their lives.

From Crazy Rich Asians to Fresh Off the Boat, Asian communities are finally beginning to receive representation in Hollywood. The significance of Bling Empire isn't lost on the cast, as Kane Lim says that they aim to inspire audiences with their newest season.

"It's been just incredible, from the experiences -- the moments we share on camera, and in terms of our careers as well, and our personal growth, it's just been so exponential," he shares. "And I can't wait for more, but at the same time, I'm just enjoying the moment. I think we have ten episodes this season, and we get to share so much more with the world, so I hope we inspire the world a little more, too."

From the start of the series, the cast aimed to encourage diversity in the industry. Christine Chiu shares now that the door has opened for them, she and her castmates are finally focusing on their personal growth.

"Season one, I feel like we all went in with a collective goal, which is to promote diversity on television, to have a really good time, to tell authentic stories," Chiu says. "As the seasons progressed, I feel like the goals started to be individualized, and people had different objectives. Some wanted more screen time, others wanted to become really famous, and others felt like it was their duty to stir things up. So, it just kind of got a little messy. But nonetheless entertaining I'm sure."

Still, Chiu says that the best part of being involved in the series hasn't been the effect of its success on the cast, but the effect it's had on viewers.

"That's been the most gratifying part of this whole process, is having people of Asian descent of all ages, young and old, coming up and saying 'thank you'," Chiu shares.

Despite its focus on Asian and Asian American lives, Kevin Kreider believes that all audiences can relate to their experiences.

"Now I can be on a show where I can be myself authentically, tell real stories that have everything to do with family, love -- two things that we can all relate to," he says. "To be able to be an Asian guy and just tell human stories that everybody can relate to is wonderful."

Catch the premiere of Bling Empire season three on October 5, and check out The Advocate Channel 's full interview with the cast below.

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