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Lauren Alaina Kicks Off Hallmark Channel's Annual Fall Harvest

Fall is in the air! As part of their new fall season, Hallmark is dropping two new movies this weekend.

Roadhouse Romance ❤️

Premiering on Hallmark Channel this Saturday, Roadhouse Romance is bringing together Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes for a story about a veteran coming home after two years of deployment.

Naturally, messiness ensues and Alaina revealed how the film's premise hits home for her.

"It's a classic romantic comedy. Girl comes back home, girl loses the boy, that whole thing! I really got to showcase my personality in it and my dad is an army vet so that felt like a nice nod to my father. I was really proud of it."

Roadhouse Romance airs Saturday, September 11th, on Hallmark Channel.

Redemption in Cherry Springs 🔍

Next up, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is premiering a brand new movie called Redemption in Cherry Springs.

This mystery film follows Melanie, an investigative reporter, who returns to her hometown. Soon after, her childhood friend goes missing and Melanie puts her skills to the test as she wraps herself in the investigation.

Rochelle Aytes portrays Melanie and teased the tense plot.

"It was a lot of fun. To be the person that has most of the answers, who is super smart and intuitive, strong and brave... to me, it was a lot of fun."

Redemption in Cherry Springs airs Sunday September 12th, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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