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Gwyneth Paltrow On The TODAY Show: Goop, Parenting & The Pandemic

Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple

Gwyneth Paltrow was on the TODAY Show Thursday morning where she discussed being the founder and CEO of Goop, parenting and the pandemic.

Paltrow's career has been outstanding in Hollywood, but now the actress is focused on the next phase of her life: being founder and CEO of Goop, a lifestyle brand valued at 250 million dollars. During the interview, Paltrow didn't hide her surprise for these wonderful results:

"I've been trying to stop and take stock a little bit more and appreciate what we've been able to build."

Now her daughter Apple, 16, is getting involved in the launch of Goop's latest glow lotion. Paltrow explained how her daughter became involved in the project.

"She was part of the product's development process and so when it came out I was like 'oh my God, should I let her be in the picture or not?' 'cause she wanted to, so we decided to let her."

Apple also shared an hilarious Tik Tok while her mother was trying the product and Paltrow admits that "that's what she does all the time!"

But not all Goop's products are family friendly. One of the lifestyle's brand goals is to go against taboos, especially the ones related to desire and sexual pleasure. Paltrow said:

"I think that our sexuality is such an important part of who we are. One of the things we really believe at Goop is eliminating shame from these topics."

And this is becoming part of her legacy's too:

"Hopefully I'll be an amalgam of many things as all women are."

But Paltrow hasn't only been busy working. Last year, she contracted COVID-19 and suffered some long-term symptoms. She said:

"Sometimes they come back a little bit, but I'm better and better. It's been pretty crazy though, pretty wild, I'm not gonna lie."

Paltrow's got married and moved in with her husband right when the pandemic hit. She had a huge smile on her face while saying:

"It was amazing. I married the right dude. He's the best, there's nobody better to be stuck with."

And time spent with her kids has definitely been one of the highlights of this past year for her.

To check out Goop's products, visit Paltrow's website here!

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