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71-Year-Old Grandma Rocks Out Against Questlove on 'The Tonight Show'

Questlove vs. Nana Dorothea Drum-Off | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Dorothea Taylor, a 71-year-old grandmother challenged Questlove to an unexpected drum-off on Tuesday night's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

This week is Nanas week on "The Tonight Show" and each episode, Fallon is inviting a talented grandma to show off her skills. On last night's episode Dorothea Taylor, from Myrtle Beach, SC, joined the stage to showcase her drumming abilities.

Before she hopped behind the set, however, the grandma had a special request.

"I would love to have a drum-off with Questlove," she said while the camera panned to the drummer.

Dorothea sat behind a Ludwig drum set where she revealed that she has been playing for 58 years.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Fallon responded. "I think you know what's up. Quest, you better bring your A-game, buddy."
"I hope so, I've only been playing for 58 months," joked Questlove.

The drummers went back and forth and the audience loudly cheered for Dorothea, as she impressed everyone were her skills.

Questlove eventually gave up and conceded victory to the rocking grandmother from South Carolina.

With one final request, Fallon asked Taylor if she could play the famous drum solo from Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," revealing that Questlove has struggled himself to do so in a previous episode of the show.

Dorothea agreed to try it before proceeding to execute the perfect solo. Questlove then joined in and two jammed until the commercial break.

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