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Full Highlights From The Grammy Performances

Cardi B, Megan, Beyonce, DaBaby, Harry Styles, what more do you need?

While last night's Grammy awards certainly weren't the usual affair, we had electrifying performances from some of the world's best. Let's take a look at all the best performances from the 63rd Annual Grammys!

Cardi B and Megan...Well, Kill It

But don't they always? In a medley of their hit songs WAP and UP, the two icons came out looking like two fembots from Austin Powers and delivered an electrifying performance.

It was unapologetic and we're here for it.

BTS Lights it Up

Even though they didn't win, and Kpop Twitter is in absolute shambles, the boy band still had one of the best filmed and choreographed performances of the evening. It was hard to believe that was live, it looked straight out of a music video.

Silk Sonic Makes Their Debut

When I tell you that you literally couldn't pick a better duo to sing live than Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, I mean you cannot find a better duo to sing live. What do their sound editors even do in the studio? Just sit there and go "great job guys"? It's gotta be the easiest job in the world.

Dua Lipa and Dababy Own the Stage

Wearing a purple dress surrounded by a weird purple backdrop with some purple eyeshadow, Dua Lipa looked absolutely captivating on stage, singing her sit song Levitating while kind of looking like she was levitating herself.

Then Dababy took the stage, surrounded by masked dancers, giving the kind of live performance we know he can give.

Then Baby took his leave after Lipa returned in a sparkly silver dress and gave a dance that people will be doing in their mirrors for the next month.


Doja Cat took the stage with a captivating rendition of her hit song ​Say So ​with a more robotic theme than usual, but extremely cool nonetheless.

Roddy Ricch 

Roddy Ricch kind of owned the charts, like all year, and brought a whole piano to the stage, which I didn't even know he could play, and delivered a medley of his songs Heartless and The Box.

Lil Baby Has Himself a Moment

This was career defining for Lil Baby. He's been on a meteoric rise for the last year now, and his Grammys performance, with one of the most brutally powerful social justice messages to date, since Kendrick took the stage with Dave Chappelle.

It was powerful, it was awe-inspiring, and it let everyone know this Baby dude is going to be a legend.

Posty On a Serious Note

Despite his laid back demeanor, being one of the most relatable and charismatic figures in music, a lot of people forget Post Malone isn't just here for record sales. He's a legit artist, which he showed in spades last night.

Megan Takes the Stage Herself

No Cardi this time, but a little Beyonce never hurt anybody. Megan took the all gold stage after winning Rap Song of the Year alongside Queen B, solo this time around, and gave us something to remember.

Maren Morris and John Mayer

Maren Morris singing is never a bad thing, and John Mayer playing the guitar will never get old. Do I need to explain this one? It was nuts.

Mickey Guyton Steals the Show

That was SO good. That's all I've got to say.

Taylor in a Tent

Taylor's in a sort of open-concept Hobbit hole for this performance, and she delivered that fantasy vibe big time.

Bad Bunny 

Wow, that was really cool. What is he even inside? How does he sing like that? Bad Bunny went nuts here alongside Jhay Cortez, bringing reggaeton to the big stage.

DaBaby is a Rockstar For Real

The suit? The gloves? The Chanel pin? No one can really do it like Baby. The man exudes confidence. Wow.

Black Pumas Bring the Colors

Get it? Because the song is called colors?

The Sisters of Haim

Performing "The Steps", and sort of stepping around each other over and over again, which makes sense, the Haim sisters made everyone remember just how cool they are.


This was a big night for Billie, and not just because of this incredible performance alongside brother FINNEAS. But this performance wasn't too bad either. In fact, it was amazing.

Harry In the Boa

As he continues to make some of the best music out there and redefine masculinity for the entire world, Harry Styles rocked one of the coolest scarves I've ever seen while delivering an electrifying performance of Watermelon Sugar.

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