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Gotham's Cast on the Show's Bittersweet End

As Gotham comes to an end, its cast reflects on the always-surprising Batman origin story, its fans, and their co-stars.

Gotham’s Final Season

Gotham started as a Batman origin story, but quickly became a distinct universe full of colorful characters defying the constraints expected of a prequel.

Over the course of its five season run, Gotham has cultivated a die-hard fanbase devoted to its twists and turns, and incredible, ensemble cast. That cast, in turn, has embraced the community, each other, and the weird world of Gotham.

Playing the show's lynchpin, Jim Gordon, Ben McKenzie reflected on the end of this era.

“It’s bittersweet. It feels like we’ve accomplished what we set out to accomplish, we love the people we work with ...”

When it comes to loving the people you work with, McKenzie is an expert. He was accompanied by co-star, spouse, and mother of his child Morena Baccarin, who interjected to amplify his sentiment.

“I keep saying it’s like ending high school; graduating. You know, it’s bittersweet. You created a family, but you’re moving on.”

While the star-couple created a real-life family behind the scenes, McKenzie was quick to credit the professional family who made the world of Gotham possible.

“There have been so many artists over the years, whether they’re actors, directors, writers, comic book artists, who have contributed to this incredible story of Batman and Gotham. For us to put our little small part, I think that’s meaningful.”

Originally introduced as a love interest in season one, the character of Barbara, played by Erin Richards, had one of the more surprising evolutions over the course of the series. Ultimately, she became a villain unlike anyone established in the Batman mythos.

Echoing the growth of her character, Richards found herself directing the show's finale, reflected on what it was like to say goodbye.

“It was very emotional. I was directing the episode. It was a really, for me, beautiful end to the story.”

Another fan favorite, Robin Lord Taylor played the character of Oswald Cobblepot, who Batman fans recognize as the villainous Penguin. He had mixed emotions on leaving the series.

“It was cathartic, but, then, at the same time, sad but not sad, because these are my dearest friends and I’m not saying ‘goodbye’ to them ever.” 

When he was cast as young Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz was just 13 years old. Now 17, viewers have had the chance to watch the actor grow up in the shoes of the man who would become Batman.

The young actor expressed a still-fresh sense of amazement and gratitude for being welcomed into this creative universe and community.

“I had no idea what kind of world we’re stepping into when I started Gotham, and, being a part of a 75-year-old-mythos is amazing. You have a built-in fanbase who are so devoted, and so passionate. Their social media presence is awesome. It’s beyond words. I’m forever thankful.”

Another actor who has grown over the course of the series, Camren Bicondova, started the series as the young Selina Kyle. It didn't take long for her character to claw her way toward becoming Catwoman.

Inhabiting such an iconic role, she recognized the show's producers for shepherding this story, and the audience for embracing it.

“They’re just really invested in the characters, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. You don’t get that kind of audience for every show or every movie, and I think it’s really special.”

With such an expansive, and talented cast, it may be sad to see Gotham end, but it will certainly be exciting to see what develops next.

Chris Chalk, who plays Batman ally and confidant Lucius Fox hinted at the bright future for our favorite Gotham-ites.

“It’s a fantastic way to end. We knew we were ending, so, like, yeah, it’s great. It’s gonna lead us off to awesome projects next.”

You can visit Gotham during its final season Thursdays on FOX.

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