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Gerard Butler Talks New Film 'Copshop'

Gerard Butler Talks New Film 'Copshop' | Celebrity Page

Bringing even more action to the screen, Gerard Butler is opening up on his new drama, Copshop.

Butler stars as a professional hitman set on a mission to kill a con artist in jail-- a role almost polar opposite to Butler's typical performances. While determined to kill, both the hitman and con artist also become entangled with Louder's character, a rookie cop, bringing the action straight to the police station. Packed with tons of gunfire, explosions, and witty banter amongst the rivals of the film, Copshop doesn't miss a beat of action.

Delving into the film's underlying theme of trust between Butler and Louder's characters specifically, Butler shared how this connection between the cast developed.

"I think we got lucky with how the way there was great chemistry between the characters, and the action fights were not always in the script, those little moments that just happened to appear. All of us were like 'Oh, okay, this is interesting,'" Butler said.

Seeing as how the cast of Copshop shared a relationship that was entertaining on and off screen, Rachel Smith jokingly asked Butler what he would be arrested for if he ever actually found himself in jail.

"It would have to involve some cheating with gambling. Card counting, because you'd at least get some money out of it."

Butler continued on to share that Copshop isn't his first run-in with the law.

I have been arrested in the past and it was for nothing other than being drunk and disorderly, and I never got anything out of it aside from a hangover.

All jokes aside, make sure to catch Gerard Butler in action. Copshop is in theaters now.

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