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"Friends" Reunion Set to Shoot This Week for HBO Max

"Friends" Reunion Set to Shoot This Week for HBO Max

Friends reunion episode will be here for you as they start filming this week.

They "were on a break," but now they're coming back to film another episode for the Friends family.

After multiple delays in filming due to the coronavirus pandemic, Friends Reunionis finally back on their feet to film this week, starting April 5th.

It wouldn't be a reunion if Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry weren't sitting on the coffee shop couch at the Warner Bros. soundstage. So, luckily they will all be in attendance doing just that.

The initial premiere date for the reunion was May 27th, 2020, but with the pandemic difficulties the show was postponed three times. The first set time of filming was in February 2020, then had high hopes of filming by the end of summer, then Perry tweeted in November that filming was supposed to started in March.

WarnerMedia Entertainment chairman, Bob Greenblatt, had told Variety back in the summer that there was "value to having a big, raucous live audience to experience these six great friends coming back together and we didn't want to just suddenly do it on a web call with, you know, six squares and people shooting from their kitchens and bedrooms."

The show will be filmed at Stage 24, the original location of production from 1994-2004. The cast will also have the shows original creators and executive producers join them, Marta Kauffman and David crane. Ben Winston will be the executive producing and directing as well.

Sources told Variety last year that that each star were set to recieve around $2.5 million for being in the HBO Max special. Since the show had left Netflix and moved to HBO Max, it was supposed to be a driving factor of promotion in buying their streaming service. It was reported that WarnerMedia had paid over $400 million for the rights to the original series.

There is not a firm release date just yet, but it is said to be somewhere in the fall only on HBO Max.

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