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#FreeKesha Movement Takes Center Stage on Social Media

#FreeKesha Movement Takes Center Stage on Social Media

While Kim Petras was asking fans to "get [their] t*ts and whip [their] d*cks out" on her EP 'Slut Pop,' Twitter was pulling out something else: the receipts about her close collaborator Dr. Luke.

Shortly after 'Slut Pop' dropped on Friday, fans on Twitter questioned why the producer, previously accused of sexual abuse by Kesha, is credited with co-writing the record and producing it in its entirety.

Fans and supporters of Kesha came to the artist's defense in the latest movement to free a well-known songwriter from her contractual shackles.

Thousands of tweets have flooded Twitter as fans of Kesha worked to raise awareness of the singer's struggles with producer Dr. Luke, who rose to fame in the early 2000s by producing musicians like Kelly Clarkson and others.

Many of Kesha's fans think the situation has a great deal in common with the #FreeBritney movement. Fans and supporters helped get pop singer Britney Spears out from under her father's conservatorship.

In 2014, Kesha's mother made allegations that the producer pushed her towards an eating disorder, and later that year, Kesha sued him for sexual assault and battery. Gottwald responded by filing a countersuit.

Since then, the two have been embattled. Kesha continued to raise claims against him, including more sexual abuse claims. Yet, in 2020 a judge ruled that Kesha "made a false statement to Lady Gaga about Gottwald that was defamatory."

Dr. Luke has denied all claims and filed a counter lawsuit against the singer, accusing her of defamation. Kesha dropped her suit in 2016, while Luke's defamation lawsuit is still ongoing.

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