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Sharron Matthews Rewrites History In New Season Of 'Frankie Drake Mysteries'

Showing audiences what female collaboration and support is all about, the four ladies starring in Frankie Drake Mysteries are proving how powerful women can be when they unite.

Frankie Drake Mysteries is a Canadian drama series that places four intelligent women center stage as they work together to solve crimes in the 1920s. Returning for one last season, season four of the mystery series is all about female empowerment and working together.

Sharron Matthews plays Flo Chakowitz in the show, where her character and the other three detectives change the context surrounding women from 100 years ago.

"The four chicks, who in the usual word of the 1920s, would probably not see each other come together every week to, um, solve mysteries and be a local girl gang," Matthews said.

Flo's character proves that women can have both a brain and a heart, working as coroners and aspiring doctors during a time when women's intelligence was severely devalued.

Matthews touched upon the exciting and powerful performances Flo is bringing to screens in season four, as she gets to sing in one musical episode and co-write another.

"We have an LGBTQ storyline, which I was super excited to see and, and to be a part of. We're kind of breaking barriers in this season. The four of us have worked really hard for four seasons to make sure that you see four women in collaboration. We're never catty, we never argue with each other, we really only support each other and you see four women, like, fully supporting each other into their dreams in whatever way they can."

Make sure to catch Flo and her three fellow mystery solvers in action Saturday nights on Ovation TV.

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