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Four New Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Hint: one of them stars Melissa McCarthy...

'Tis the season for extra time at home and some new movies now available for streaming! From HBO to Disney+, here's four new films you can watch over the holiday weekend...

Superintelligence | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Queen of comedy Melissa McCarthy has teamed up with co-star James Corden in this new comedy available on HBO Max. Superintelligence follows a woman named Carol on a mission to save humanity. James Corden plays an artificial intelligence who is deciding whether or not earth is worth being saved, or if it should just be blown up. Between the comedic stars, the fresh look on humanity, and the bit of romance...this is the perfect movie for that post Thanksgiving dinner cool down.

Uncle Frank – Official Trailer | Prime Video

New to Prime Video, young teenager Beth Bledsoe is played by Sophia Lillis (Stephen King's It) along with Paul Bettany as Uncle Frank. Set in 1973, Beth discovers her Uncle Frank's sexuality and navigates the new family dynamic it creates. The meaning of love, death, and how they come to be is explored through the perspective of the young girl with big dreams. The star-studded cast also includes Peter Macdissi, Judy Greer, Steve Zahn, Lois Smith, and Margo Martindale.

Black Beauty | Official Trailer | Disney+

Meanwhile, galloping to Disney+ November 27th, Kate Winslet lends her voice in the new adaptation of Black Beauty. The story was originally introduced to audiences 1994 but is now getting a modern retelling for viewers new and old to enjoy. As is any film starring animals, heartbreak and family serve as themes as main character Jo Green finds a unique relationship with the horse after losing her family. We can't promise you won't cry during this one.


Alberto and the Concrete Jungle is a new indie-comedy worth checking out while you unwind over the holidays!

Executive producer of the film and star on The Good Doctor, Hill Harper told our Arthur Kade why this comedy has a bit more substance to it compared to others. For him, this movie makes audiences face some of their realities during this difficult time:

"I love the film because I love supporting independent filmmakers. It's a love story, in my mind, to New York City- pre-pandemic New York City. But it also has a deeper core to it about connection and how we run away from connection or run to connection which is something I think is very relevant now when we're all separate."

It's a good thing we don't have to social distance from the TV screen! Check out Alberto and the Concrete Jungle to see Alberto Buenaventura, the zany nomad, as he takes on odd adventures while getting lost in the city with strangers in New York.

Which of these films will you be serving along with some yummy Thanksgiving food?!

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Quintin Walker

QuintinWalker is a senior journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Phoenix, AZ.

QuintinWalker is a senior journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Phoenix, AZ.