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The cast sits down with The Advocate Channel to discuss the new Oppenheim spin-off series.

Fans can't get enough of the glamour in Selling Sunset, Netflix's hit reality show following real estate brokers as they navigate work and drama in the City of Angels.

Now, the Oppenheim Group is getting an Orange County spin-off in Selling the OC. Advocate Channel correspondent Rachel Smith recently sat down with the cast to discuss what it's really like to work in real estate.

According to Jason Oppenheim, president and founder of the Oppenheim Group, a lot of people have tried to enter the field under the false impressions that it's an easy gig.

"I think a lot of people come into real estate thinking they can just throw on some high heels and they're gonna get a $29 million listing," he said.

New cast member Polly Brindle agreed, saying that the allure of the areas they work in is what makes their jobs look so glamorous.

"I also think the real estate in the OC is a sexy place, and so is the real estate in LA," she shared. "So, if you're filming in sexy places, it looks like a sexy kind of job."

Alexandra Jarvis, another new addition to the Group in Selling the OC, is proud of how the spin-off series has been pushing back against these misconceptions.

"I think it sheds a light on how hard it is to actually get listings, you have to work at it. And I think it's good to show that, because it's not all glamour," Jarvis said. "You know, there's a lot of hard work and you've gotta hustle everyday. You've gotta be confident, and be professional. So, I think it's good to kind of get a glimpse at that."

As for what fans can expect out of the newest season, there's still plenty of promised drama, though Jason admitted he wasn't always expecting there to be,

"When we started filming 'Selling Sunset,' I told production, 'Guys, we're all best friends, you're not gonna get any drama from us,'" Oppenheim shared, causing his castmates to laugh. "I was obviously wrong."

Watch the full interview with the cast below.

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