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Exclusive: Marlon Wayans on His Spooky New Halloween Movie

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is Netflix's newest Halloween special, with fun for the whole family.

With Halloween just around the corner, parents are searching for a spooky movie that they can enjoy that won't also scare the little ones. Advocate Channel correspondent Rachel Smith recently sat down with Marlon Wayan and Priah Ferguson to discuss how their newest Netflix film The Curse of Bridge Hollow provides a fun fright for the whole family.

The movie marks Wayans' first family movie. After writing the first two Scary Movie films and starring in iconic comedies such as White Chicks, Wayans has left he mark on both genres. Now, he shares that he decided it was time for a change of pace.

"I think because I was a teenage boy for so long— even in my head, I've always stayed at nineteen— that's what my sense of humor was," Wayans says. "And then one day I was just like, 'Let me grow up a little bit.' And I looked up, and I was fifty."

He joined the cast of The Curse of Bridge Hollow to provide entertainment for families this Halloween, and adds: "Too bad my kids are too grown to enjoy it."

The Curse of Bridge Hollow | Official Trailer | Netflixwww.youtube.com

The Curse of Bridge Hollow follows the story of science teacher Howard Gordon (Wayans) who doesn’t believe in the supernatural. When he moves his family from Brooklyn to the remote town of Bridge Hollow, his teenage daughter Sydney (Ferguson) accidentally unleashes an ancient curse on the town that brings all of their Halloween decorations to life.

Ferguson is most known for her part in Netflix series Stranger Things, a supernatural role that came naturally to her.

"Stranger Things, because it was my first big role that I've ever gotten, it kind of prepared me for all my other roles in the future," she explains. "Especially this one because they're both that supernatural thing— they have that similarity."

While Wayans will provide comedy for the parents watching, Ferguson believes younger viewers will be able to relate to her character, and see themselves represented in her.

"Just being a teenager, and growing up and going through that phase with our parents where we don't really want to be bothered, and kind of want to break away from our family a little bit and just explore on our own," she says.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is available now to stream on Netflix. Check out Wayans and Ferguson's full interview with The Advocate Channel below.

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