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Exclusive: Kyle Richards Says Goodbye to Halloween Film Franchise

Exclusive: Kyle Richards Says Goodbye to Halloween Film Franchise

The actress even shared her "end-of-filming ritual" with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Ahead of the release of Halloween Ends, the final film in the Halloween film series, Advocate Channel correspondent Rachel Smith recently sat down with Kyle Richards to discuss how it feels to be part of the 40-year-long franchise.

Aside from being an unforgettable member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, Richards has portrayed her character Lindsey in the Halloween movies since she was eight years old. With the series finally wrapping up, Richards shares that her journey has felt "incredibly surreal."

"Obviously I never knew in making this movie when I was eight years old that I'd be sitting here talking about this decades later, and still playing my character," Richards says. "I feel really honored to be apart of it from the beginning to the end."

Halloween Ends follows Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) four years after the last killings of Michael Myers. In order to save an innocent boy from being charged with a crime he didn't commit, she finally confronts the evil that's been controlling her life for years.

Die-hard fans have spent decades wondering how the 40-year franchise is coming to a close, but despite their asking, Richards is keeping the script under lock and key. She reveals that she can't even share secrets with her husband.

Apart from her husband, Richards' children have also taken interest in the franchise. As a mother of four, the Real Housewife loves seeing her and Curtis' empowering characters onscreen, whom she describes as "survivors." But as for who's scarier, Michael Meyers or her fellow housewives, Richards isn't quite sure.

"That's a hard one to answer, let me tell you. Right now I'd probably choose maybe Michael," she jokes. "I'll get Michael together with some of the housewives, how about that? Lock them in a room together. That'll be my new tactic."

While there's no word yet on the next season, Richards is grateful for her fans from both horror and reality television circles. She shares that there's even been overlap in the audiences.

"Halloween fans are so passionate, and Housewives fans are so passionate. I always get messages saying 'We're having our wine and watching the show tonight,' and now all those people are going in groups and going to see the movie. I love the fan crossover."

With Halloween Ends releasing in theaters tomorrow, October 14, Richards also reveals her and Curtis' shared ritual when finishing a film.

"Jamie Lee Curtis, when I was a little girl, on the last day of shooting she picked me up and carried me to my dressing room," Richards shares. "So, she did that on the last movie when we wrapped, and I was like 'Jamie, no, I'm too heavy, don't pick me up.'"

She adds: "We always have that moment, of the hugging. It's always a little tearful. I don't like endings, I do not like to say goodbye."

Catch The Advocate Channel 's full interview with Richards below.

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