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Everything You Need To Know About 'Babysplitters'

One Kid With Four Parents? An Inside Look at ‘Babysplitters’ | Celebrity Page

One Kid...Between Four Parents? An Inside Look At 'Babysplitters'

Could four parents split a baby? The new movie Babysplitters shows us what would happen.

Sharing a Baby

Santa Barbara Film Festival

A new romantic comedy is here! Babysplitters promises to be as funny as the concept for the film is, couples splitting one baby. Correspondent Arthur Kade connected with co-stars Danny Pudi and Mark Feuerstein to talk about the film. While talking about the film, Pudi stated:

"I think this movie is relatable in that it's the story of a couple that decide that for various reasons some of them want to have children and some of them don't and decide we just split a baby and then you're like "okay" and in our world I don't know if it would turn out so great"

One person who relates heavily to the film is Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein. While talking about the film, Feuerstein shared:

"My wife just took my three kids to westport...I am kid free right now...I can see the merits"

The Cast

The cast includes: Danny Pudi, Emily Chang, Ben Goldsmith, Mark Dohner, Dione Kuraoka, Leah Kilpatrick, Ashleigh Crystal Hairston, Maiara Walsh, and Eddie Alfano. While speaking on the diversity of the cast, Pudi said:

"I grew up without a lot of representation...it's exciting to be in a movie like this where Emily Chang and I are the two leads...I'm hoping there's more of it to come"

Babysplitters is available now on demand.

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