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'Euphoria' References Star Eric Dane's Past On 'Grey's Anatomy'

'Euphoria' References Star Eric Dane's Past On 'Grey's Anatomy'
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Actor Eric Dane and actress Ellen Pompeo

Actor Eric Dane's past on the hit show 'Grey's Anatomy' is cleverly brought into reference in 'Euphoria.'

HBO Max's hit show 'Euphoria' is back with their second season, and a new episode is released every Sunday at 9PM ET. In this week's episode, the third episode of the new season titled "Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys", we get a glimpse into the high school life of Nate's dad, Cal Jacobs.

Cal Jacobs is played by actor Eric Dane, who also has a huge role in 'Grey's Anatomy.' His name in the show was Mark Sloan, and you may also know another popular character on Grey's as none other than Derek Shepard, played by Patrick Dempsey.

In this episode of 'Euphoria', we see what Cal was like in high school. We see he was closeted, and his dad gave him an extremely hard time for it, which explains why Cal enforces a lot of toxic masculinity on his own son, Nate, who is played by Jacob Elordi.

Back in the day, Cal had a "best friend" (secret love interest) named Derek... coincidence? Fans don't think so.

Fans of both shows are hoping for the "grown-up" version of Derek to be played by Dempsey himself.

Screenwriter of the show Sam Levinson has not made any statements on the matter, but fans took to social media to freak out about this plausible theory!

Check out this fan's post below:

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