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Pride Today: Victoria's Secret Partners With A Black Transgender Model For The First Time

Social justice makes its way to fashion, Pam and Tommy, and more.

LGBTQ&A Podcast Host Jeffery Masters sat down with us to talk the big news in pride this week.

Emira D’Spain is officially the first black trans woman to work with Victoria's Secret. The twenty-five-year-old collaborated with the brand on Instagram where she showed off new lingerie and gave her tips for enjoying Valentine's Day while single. Emira says her platform is built on confidence and self-love, and that she wishes to empower young trans people by showing them that fashion and beauty have changed---especially for people of color.

Victoria's Secret was in the news in 2018 after their then CMO made transphobic and fatphobic comments. The company has since canceled its iconic fashion show in an attempt to recover. Masters says this is a step in the right direction for the brand, but there's still more to be desired.

Masters also went on to tell us about Hulu's newest series, Pam and Tommy, that follows the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Jones' leaked sex tape. The series reportedly addresses the sexism and misogyny in the media at the time that perpetuated the stigma against them. Out.com sat down for an exclusive interview with the stars of Pam and Tommy to discuss what's changed since then, and what hasn't.

For the full interview and more on social justice in media, visit out.com.

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