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Elmo Brings Peace to Game of Thrones from Sesame Street

Sesame Street's Elmo visits Game of Thrones to teach Tyrion and Cersei respect. How many lives could have been saved if he had done so sooner?

Over the course of eight seasons, so much blood has been shed on Game of Thrones. During that same time, HBO became the home of Sesame Street. In hindsight, it seems inevitable that these two big properties would eventually collide, but think of the lives that could have been saved if Elmo had brought Cersei and Tyrion to the table sooner.

Elmo Teaches Cersei Respect

Sitting across from his sister Cersei, Tyrion pleads his case.

"I only want what's best for Westeros."

In typical fashion, Cersei is quick to cut off the Seven Kingdom's collective nose to spite her brother's face.

"And I only want for you to not get what you want."

Just as the conversation is about to turn profane, a red, furry Muppet interrupts the conversation.

"Elmo thinks that you two need to respect each other."

As Tyrion and Cersei trade puzzled glances, Ser Elmo of Sesame Street continues by explaining how he addresses disagreements with his friends.

"Elmo doesn't get upset. Elmo listens and learns from what they have to say."

Ever the pragmatist, Tyrion considers this advice and applies it to the situation facing the Seven Kingdoms.

"If we stop fighting and work together, we can be stronger."

Turning to his adversarial sister, Tyrion extends an offer.

"I'm willing to learn and listen if you are."

Sensing Cersei's hesitance to directly accept Tyrion's proposal, Elmo attempt to ease the tension.

"Will Miss Cersei try to listen and understand what Mr. Tyrion is saying?"

Taken by the Muppet's persuasiveness and animal magnetism, Cersei relents.

"I ... can try."

Unable to contain his excitement, Ser Elmo cheers loudly and commends Cersei's willingness.

"Trying is a great way to start!"

Tyrion proposes a toast to his new, red friend.

"Elmo loves toast! Yay!"

Moments later, Cersei ordered The Mountain to crush the Muppet's head. This occurred offscreen, of course.

HBO wants to remind you that respect, like corporate synergy, brings us together.

This story was originally published on Essential TV.

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