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Ellen DeGeneres is Back on the Mic!

Is Ellen DeGeneres still relatable? After a long and successful talk show career, this Netflix standup special asks that question and brings her back to her comedic roots.

Ellen's Netflix Standup Special

After a 15-year hiatus, Ellen DeGeneres is heading back to stand up! The hit talk show host is getting back to her comedian roots for a new Netflix special, 'Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable.'

"I'm much more famous now than I was when I started, so life has changed a lot."

DeGeneres discusses her talk show, the differences between the two mediums, and how she works within those borders.

"We write a monologue everyday but it's really not the same thing as doing stand up."

The standup special gives Ellen a new medium to open up about personal life events, and she guarantees that we will learn new and surprising things.

"I'm writing stuff that's real, that happened to me in my life that I've never really gone into detail about."

Be sure to stream 'Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable' on Netflix December 18th!

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