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Ed Westwick & Louise Linton Celebrate The Premiere Of 'Me You Madness'

Ed Westwick & Louise Linton Celebrate The Premiere Of 'Me You Madness'

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Fans of Gossip Girl, be prepared! Ed Westwick is coming back in a new role.

Ed Westwick's Fame From 'Gossip Girl' 📺

Chuck Bass followers have shown up!

Fans have invaded TikTok with videos about the legendary Gossip Girl character after Westwick joined the app.

The results have been outstanding and Westwick couldn't contain his excitement for his former character.

"I had never seen anything like that. People are so talented! I think that's one of the wonderful things that a platform like TikTok could do," Westwick said.

But if Chuck Bass's heart will always belong to Blair Waldor, Westwick's new character has a thrilling relationship to explore alongside first-time director and actress, Louise Linton.

"I wanted to create a fun parody, a fun satire, and a movie that crosses genres from action to thriller to comedy to romance. I just hope that people will be dancing in their living rooms," Linton said.

Westwick also admitted that he knew from the very beginning that filming the project was going to be fun.

"From the gecko, I knew it was going to be an absolute blast. I got to do a dance scene and to sing along to The Pointer Sisters. Anyone can watch this and I would think anyone would enjoy it," Westwick said.
"His dancing is going to go down as legendary," Linton said.

Me You Madness is available now on VOD.

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