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Dwayne Johnson Donates ‘Historic’ Amount to SAG-AFTRA

Dwayne Johnson Donates ‘Historic’ Amount to SAG-AFTRA
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The actor recently made a "seven figure donation" that will "help thousands of actors keep food on their table."

After Hollywood actors initiated their historic strike, Dwayne Johnson was quick to step up and help his fellow union members.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation president Courtney B. Vance and executive director Cyd Wilson recently revealed that the A-lister made a “seven-figure donation” to the organization, which they hail as "major" and "historic". Wilson noted that it was "the largest single donation that we’ve ever received from one individual at one time."

"And what is amazing is that that one check is going to help thousands of actors keep food on their table, and keep their kids safe, and keep their cars running," he told Variety. "And it’s not lost on me that he’s very humble about this."

The Sag-Aftra Foundation was established in 1985 and serves a nonprofit that providing assistance programs for union members. Wilson said many actors face “financial ruin” during the strike, and that the Foundation has already "seen an uptick in the number of requests that come in."

"This is how we did this during COVID — some of the biggest stars in our industry stepped up," he continued. "For [Johnson] to step up like this is really going to get us started in the fundraising that we’re going I need to do, because everything we’re hearing and seeing, we feel we have to be prepared that this could go on through the end of the year."

Johnson's donation came shortly after Wilson and Vance issued a letter to 2,700 of the union’s highest-earning actors asking for support. Johnson's team reached out shortly after, and he pledged the "seven figure donation." Wilson noted that times of crisis are "when we need our high profile talent who can afford it, who are in a situation to help others" the most.

"The general public might think that all actors make millions of dollars, and there are some that do but it’s a very small percentage," Wilson said. "But those actors who then go on to win Oscars and have huge success could not make those films and those television projects without hundreds of actors who are behind in the background sitting in the restaurant, that have those bit parts that paint the picture, so that the stories can be told. Our stars understand that they cannot make a film without these people."

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