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Devon Cole on Feminism, Witchcraft & New Single Call U After Rehab

Devon Cole on Feminism, Witchcraft & New Single Call U After Rehab
Billie Black

The musician says her newest single is "more autobiographical and introspective" than her previous work.

Devon Cole is in total control of her career.

The musician has gained popularity for her many feminist anthems, including her hit single "W.I.T.C.H.," which stands for Woman in Total Control of Herself.

"This song was actually inspired by an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race," she tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "I just thought it was a brilliant title, so I banked it and saved it for when the right beat came along, because I knew what I wanted it to be — fun and upbeat."

Devon Cole | Advocate Now 

Cole says that she researched ancient and modern witchcraft while writing the song, as well as feminism throughout the years. She found significant overlap between the self-empowerment that women advocate for today, and the crimes they were accused of centuries ago.

"There are a lot of links between modern feminism and witchcraft in that witches were villainized for being intelligent and powerful and autonomous," Cole says, "the same way that women today are villainized for being autonomous and powerful and intelligent and free."

Cole's music often dives into self-empowerment, including her single "Nobody's Baby," which she says is about feeling secure without being in a relationship. She also famously rewrote Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" to be about consent, a project in which she takes pride in.

"The beat is exceptional. Exceptional. But the song itself, the lyrics are very icky. ... Consent is a fundamental human right, and I think we're all starting to realize that as a collective human people society," she explains, adding, "I'm so glad that it resonated with people."

Cole's newest single, "Call U After Rehab," is a song she says is "more autobiographical and introspective," which she feels has added depth to her writing. To Cole, creating music is a way to process certain feelings or insecurities she has, and she hopes her audience will connect to it.

Devon Cole - Call U After Rehab (Official Video)

"I write songs from, honestly, my own insecurities. I am somebody who needs external validation all the time. I am somebody who is sometimes not confident," she says. "But writing those kinds of songs helped me kind of write myself out of it."

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