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Dee Snider Wants To Rock This Christmas


Dee Snider's The Magic Of Christmas Day became a hit to his surprise.

It may seem like a Christmas miracle, but believe it to be true. Dee Snider's song for his wife... became a Celine Dion holiday tune.

Gifting The Song to Celine Dion

Let's take it back to the late 90s... Celine Dion is working on a holiday album of epic proportions called, These Are Special Times. The incomparable singer plans to collaborate with the likes of Bryan Adams, Andrea Boccelli, and David Foster. She also finds out about a song written by Dee Snider called, The Magic of Christmas Day and decides to record it for her album which would later become one of the best-selling holiday records of all-time.

Dee Snider told Advocate Channel about the call he received from a producer, "(He) tells me that Celine Dion wants to record the Christmas Song. Now I'm at a particularly low point in my career, so my first question is, does she know who wrote the song? He said, 'we haven't told her yet.' I said don't tell her that Satan wrote her Christmas song."

Recording for Christmas 2020

Now Dee has released the song as a duet with artist Lzzy Hale that will really have you Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. The Twisted Sister frontman explaining his inspiration to Advocate Channel, "This year with what's going on in the world; it's about how Christmas [sic] did seem to be that time of year that we just let bygones be bygones If not just for a night, set our differences aside and share a nice moment, together."

Dee Snider is keeping busy. He not only has a new Christmas record out, but he also produces, and is the voice for Breaking The Band on Reelz. Look for new episodes in 2021.

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