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Oprah Winfrey & Michael B. Jordan Team Up For 'David Makes Man' Season Two

Oprah Winfrey & Michael B. Jordan Team Up For 'David Makes Man' Season Two | Celebrity Page

Back and better than ever!

Oprah Winfrey and Michael B. Jordan are rejoining forces on the second season of David Makes Man.

Scoring 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, David Makes Man follows the story of David, played by Akili McDowell, a gifted 14-year-old kid at a magnet school who dreams of getting out of the Florida projects.

Since then, critics have praised the show, which earned a Peabody Award and a Gotham Award win, as well as a Critics' Choice Award nomination.

Season two of the hit show follows David as a 30-year-old adult years into the future, now working as a businessman, where he must deal with the traumatic events of the past.

"In season one, we tell the story through community. In season two, some of that continues," Akili McDowell said.

"In his mind, he has his life under control. Later on, we see some of his childhood trauma start to pop up," Kwame Patterson said.

"Hopefully, for the audience, it matches up for some of the aspirations and things they wanted to see the characters grow and become," Arlen Escarpeta said.

"David is in active therapy. David has to make an identity that is healthy for him. [I'm] very proud to have the vote of confidence of Oprah and Michael B. Jordan. It's a very special experience that I'm thankful for," Alana Arenas said.

New episodes of David Makes Man are available now on OWN. Fans can catch up on the show's first season on HBO Max.

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