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Curt Menefee Teams Up With Some Furry Friends On Two A&E Shows

Curt Menefee Teams Up With Some Furry Friends On Two A&E Shows

Curt Menefee, the host of Fox NFL Sunday, is lending his hosting talents to two shows centered around some lovable animals.

A&E'sAmerica's Top Dog is now airing its third season with Menefee and new co-host David Koechner.

Koechner, an actor from The Office, teams up with Menefee to oversee various competitions as dogs go paw-to-paw to see who really is the top dog.

"The easiest way to mentally image it... is to think of 'American Ninja Warrior' with dogs. So this year, we are able to expand the format a little bit and have that with a larger variety of dogs," Menefee said.
While Menefee keeps things professional and moving along, Koechner is there to infuse fun into the fast-paced and unpredictable show.
"Sometimes the animal runs off course or may not do what the handler wants or may need a potty break in the middle of it, and David, with his comedic chops, is able to instantly have some fun with the dog without making fun of the dog. For me, half the time, it was just a matter of keeping a straight face with his one-liners," Menefee said.

In addition to America's Top Dog, Menefee is also hosting An Animal Saved My Life, which also airs Tuesdays on A&E.

The show shares the real-life stories of people whose lives were saved by an animal's heroic act.

"Sometimes it's a family pet, but sometimes it's just this animal that sees a human in need and comes out and helps. [It] can be the difference between certainly a life-threatening situation, if not life and death, and that's something really cool to show. The connection between human and animal that exists, whether we know it or not," Menefee said.

These stories are told through viral videos, video surveillance, news storie, and the people themselves.

Catch America's Top Dog and An Animal Saved My Life Tuesday nights on A&E.

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