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Cover Story: Advice From Steve Wilkos On Combating Holiday and Pandemic Stress

Cover Story: Advice From Steve Wilkos On Combating Holiday and Pandemic Stress

Survival of the merriest: Here's how to survive the holiday stress

Steve Wilkos from The Steve Wilkos Show is here to help us get through this insanely crazy and stressful holiday season.

We got a chance to sit down with Wilkos virtually to talk about his latest season and how the pandemic and upcoming holiday are impacting people. About his newest season he said:

"Serious subjects don't stop for a virus right like you know unfortunately people get involved in situations or they're dealing with stuff that nothing stops it."

Wilkos has been helping people deal with all sorts of intense issues for 14 seasons. This month on The Steve Wilkos Show is getting even more intense and unpredictable.

Wilkos has admitted to fighting his own battles throughout life and the pandemic. He said:

"You know people sometimes look at me like I'm superman and I'm not. You know there was times in my life that I went through really bad periods of depression. I break down just like everybody else."

No one is safe from the struggles of life but Wilkos is here to offer a little bit of advice to get through life and it is to stick together. He told us:

"You got to have friends, you got to have family because the worst thing is the loneliness. Right? And you know at least have somebody to talk to and you know get things off your chest or say hey I need help right."

And for those suffering through the holidays he says that you need to have a game plan with dealing with it because just letting things come as they go and letting it wash over you will not do you any good. He said that you need to have a solid plan to deal with your challenges this holiday season. Talk to someone, do things that make you happy, try to eliminate your stress and anxiety wherever you can and just try your best to have fun this season.

Watch more of Steve Wilkos on The Steve Wilkos Show every weekday. Check stevewilkos.com/watch to see where you can watch the show.

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