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Coldplay Perform On American Idol & Mentor 7 Contestants

Coldplay have officially come back. The iconic band has performed their new single "Higher Power" for the first time for a Mother's Day episode of American Idol!

From the very beginning of the performance, the viewer enters a colorful place surrounded by planets: Coldplay stands at the very center of the stage. As the chorus hits, the audience can't help but dance along with Chris Martin, who jumps left and right on stage and gets close to his band members.

The lyrics match the entire feeling of the performance:

"You've got a higher power, singing every second and dancing every hour."

But apart from performing their new single, Coldplay's singer Chris Martin also served as mentor for 7 contestants. In occasion of Mother's Day, each contestant had to bring a Coldplay cover performance and another one of their choice.

Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop opened the show with a cover of Coldplay's "Paradise." Although Katy Perry would've liked "more tornado," the singer defined the performance "perfect." Right afterwards, Bishop performed "Ironic" of Alanis Morissette in occasion of Mother's Day.

Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham sang "Magic" by Coldplay. Katy Perry was pleasantly surprised by the performance and even complimented Beckham saying "you have that Chris Martin magic." Later on, Beckham performed "Mamma," an original song definitely appropriate for the occasion.

Willie Spence

Willie Spence sang Coldplay's "Yellow" and Lionel Richie that the contestant's voice perfectly matched the intensity of the song. Subsequently, Spence sang "You Are So Beautiful," a song by Joe Cocker.

Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy brought some country-rock with his cover of Coldplay's "Violet Hill." But Kennedy seemed way more comfortable in performing his original song, "Mama Said" for Mother's Day.

Arthur Gunn

Arthur Gunn performed Coldplay's "In My Place" song and Katy Perry encouraged him to "play along" more. He later covered "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd that didn't convince the judges as the first cover.

Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler sang Coldplay's "Fix You" and convinced the judges. Katy Perry complimented the contestant saying "your vulnerability is your strength and people resonate with that." Luke Bryan added "it was amazing." Afterwards, Kinstler performed "When We Were Young" by Adele.

Hunter Metts

And finally, Hunter Metts sang Coldplay's "Everglow" and finished with an original song called "The River."

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