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Chris Messina And Amy Seimetz Talk About Their New Film ‘The Secrets We Keep’

The Secrets We Keep stars discuss the new drama thriller.

The Secrets We Keepwill be hitting VOD in the coming weeks, and two of the film's stars, Chris Messina and Amy Seimetz joined Advocate Channel senior correspondent Arthur Kade to talk about their roles and more!

The new 2020 thriller, The Secrets We Keep is directed by Yuval Adler with the screenplay by Ryan Covington. Starring Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace, Chris Messina, Amy Seimetz, David Maldonado, and others, the film follows a woman and her husband post World War II as she seeks vengeance against her neighbor for war crimes she believes he committed.

Messina is also known for his roles on comedies like The Mindy Project and Julie and Julia. He talks about how he chooses his roles and whether he prefers the lighthearted ones or heavier ones:

Whenever there's a role that's challenging and has all different facets, it's very welcome."

Watch The Secrets We Keep in select theaters now or on demand on October 16!

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