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Chris Harrison Speaks Out After Stepping Away From 'The Bachelor'

Chris Harrison Speaks Out After Stepping Back From 'The Bachelor' | Celebrity Page

Chris Harrison speaks out for the first time since his interview with Rachel Lindsay, condones racism in all forms.

Chris Harrison gave his first public interview after the controversy that caused him to step away from The Bachelorin an interview with Good Morning America'sMichael Strahan.

What Caused This

Harrison's remarks came in an interview with previous contestant Rachel Lindsay after evidence of current season frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell attending an Antebellum themed party leaked on TikTok.

After the interview, in which Harrison had several inflammatory remarks, Lindsay took to her podcast to discuss the interview, in which she said, "his privilege was on full display".

When Lindsay said Kirkconnell's photos at an Old South antebellum party were offensive, Harrison retorted, "Well, Rachel, is it not a good look in 2018 or is it not a good look in 2021? Because there's a big difference."

"It's not a good look because she's celebrating the Old South. If I went to that party, what would I represent at that party?" Lindsay replied.

Harrison Walks Back

Strahan asked Harrison several direct questions about his comments, to which Harrison walked back on all accounts. Specifically, Strahan asked him if there's a difference between celebrating slavery in 2018 or 2021.

"There is not," Harrison replied when asked about the . "Antebellum parties are not OK. Past, present, future, knowing what that represents is unacceptable."

"I am saddened and shocked at how insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lindsay. I can't believe I didn't speak against antebellum parties, what they stand for," said Harrison. "I didn't say it then and I want to say it now: those parties are not OK, past, present, future. And I didn't speak from my heart. And that is to say that I stand against all forms of racism, and I am deeply sorry to Rachel Lindsay and to the Black community."

What Now?

Whether or not an apology is enough remains to be seen. Harrison expressed his desire to return to the show, a desire that's been rebuffed by many fans who feel like his comments represent the franchise in a bad light. In the short term, the latest season will be continuing without Harrison on ABC.

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